RNE has a wide range of vertical spindle products to tailor make your perfect pumping solution.

  • 10 Series of Pump Frames
  • 14 Performance Variations
  • 4 Types of Materials for applications with abrasion/corrosion/both
  • Sump Depth: 300mm to 2000mm – extended with a tail pipe
  • Discharge Diameter: 50mm to 200mm
  • Impeller Diameter: 140mm to 380mm
  • Spares are interchangeable between Frame Sizes
  • Specialized RNE manufactured IEC Steel Frame Electric Motors
  • Free standing Bracket Mounted or Sole plate / Base Plate
  • Direct Drive or Vee belt drive
  • Compatible with metric or Imperial motors and discharge flanges


What makes the RNE Pump Special?

  • Will run wet or dry indefinitely
  • Extremely easy to assemble/disassemble for Maintenance
  • No shims or spacers required for impeller adjustment
  • No measuring equipment needed
  • No glands or expensive mechanical seals
  • Bearings are sealed for life – no greasing necessary
  • Bearing cartridge available for quick turnaround time
  • Specialized tools and benches for ease of repair


Wet End


High Chrome Iron 600+ Brunel
Abrasion No Corrosion
High Chrome & Thermal Ceramic Coating
Abrasion Mild Corrosion
Stainless Steel Castings
No Abrasion Extreme Corrosion
Stainless Steel & Thermal Ceramic Coating
Abrasion Extreme Corrosion

Pump Selection

Series 3300

Ideal for Restrictive Height and Spaces and Shallow Sumps

Series 3500

Ideal for Restrictive Height and Spaces but Standard Sump Depth

Series 3900

Ideal for Deeper Sump Application 

Series 5500

The Original RNE Pump!

Series 5900

Ideal for Robust & Deeper Sump Application

Series 7700

Ideal for High Volume Application

Series 7900

Ideal for High Volume & Deeper Sump Application

Series 8900

Ideal for High Head & Deeper Sump Application

Series 9900

Ideal for extreme Volume & Deeper Sump Application

Series 2000

Ideal for extreme Sump Depth

Specialized Pumps

Unslotted Suction with Tail pipe

  • Deep sump application
  • Floating raft for Dam application

Permafrost Pumps

  • Extreme Cold applications
  • -40 deg °c (Canadian Arctic)

HT Pumps

  • Extreme warm applications
  • 80 deg °c (Indonesia Deep level)

Bowl Pumps

  • Specialized plant Application
  • Oil sand, Coal & Fly ash
  • Effluent, Tailings Transfer


Applications: Underground mining

haulage – dirty water – slurry - backfill

Applications: Plant

Plant: Spillage sumps – chemical tanks – crusher plant - concentrator

Applications: Dams / Rafts

Raft/Dams: Settling dams – underground dams – waste water treatment


Bearing Cartridge Assembly

  • Available for all size pumps
  • Enables pump to be overhauled and pumping again in under an hour
  • All pump parts are Spigot aligned
  • Impeller can be adjusted from the drive end
  • No shims or spacers are required. 

Pump Assembly Bench and Tools

  • Benches available for all size pumps, complete with specialized tools
  • Makes stripping and assembly easy and efficient